Andrei om Andrei



I was born in the northern part of Greenland in the town Aasiaat and raised a little further north in Ilulissat among the huge calving icebergs and ferocious huskies, and in the winter months total darkness with the flickering northern lights, the white snow and the moon as the only light source. In the summer the eternal walk of the midnight sun over the Diskobay. In this amazing country - Greenland - I have lived and worked most of my life.

Right now I live in Denmark. Here I am especially fond of the trees, both when they stand dramatically bare and black in winter, and in summer when the green leaves dance with the wind and the sparkling sun. Wonderful is also spring with its colour salutes, summer with its golden fields and autumn with the yellow red and brown colors.

I hear, I feel and I smell the colours and the energies everywhere I go. This is what I am constantly trying to express in my art, and this is what you will find. And certainly more...just stand in front of one of the paintings and feel... look … sense... be quit... and listen with your heart.  Then you will know what I mean.